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BACKGROUND: Secreted frizzled related proteins (sFRPs) have gained increasing interests due to their diverse and sometimes opposing
biological effects during embryonic development and in disease processes. Members of the sFRP family share a cysteine-rich (CR) domain with the
Frizzled Wnt receptors, and the CR domain is responsible for the Wnt binding activity. Five members (sFRP1-5) have been identified in the mouse
and human. Although earlier studies suggested that all functions of sFRPs could be attributed to Wnt antagonism, more recent reports indicate that
sFRPs may possess numerous Wnt-independent functions. One such notable function concerns regulation of metalloproteinase activity. In
addition, contradictory findings exist in the literature regarding their effects on cell growth and survival. sFRP2, in particular, has been shown to
either protect or worsen the ischemic heart. The recombinant mouse sFRP2 is expressed as a GST-fusion protein. The fusion junction of the
protein harbors an engineered thrombin cleavage site and a protein kinase A (PKA) phosphorylation site. The GST portion of the fusion protein
can be cleaved off by thrombin if necessary. The fusion protein can be radioactively labeled with 32P-r-ATP and PKA.
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sFRP2 protein was analyzed by its ability to
stimulate the proliferation of HeLa cells in the
absence of fetal bovine serum. Cells were
treated with GST-sFRP2 at the concentrations
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