YAF2 (YY1-associated factor 2)                                                                                                                                                                     Price

BACKGROUND: YAF2, containing a single N-terminal C2-X10-C2 zinc finger, was discovered in 1997 through its ability to physically interact with
YY1 and regulate the protein stability of YY1. YY1 is usually expressed at higher levels in proliferating cells, and its expression is typically
down-regulated in post-mitotic tissues and during cell differentiation. In contrast, expression of YAF2 is up-regulated during myogenesis. YAF2 is
also a component of the E2F6.com-1 complex, a repressive complex that methylates 'Lys-9' of histone H3, which suggests that the zinc finger
protein is involved in chromatin remodeling. However, YAF2 itself does not appear to possess a DNA-binding activity. In addition, YAF2 binds to
c-Myc protein and inhibits Myc-mediated transcriptional activation. The recombinant YAF2 protein is purified as a GST-YAF2 fusion protein. The
GST portion of the fusion protein can be cleaved off by thrombin if necessary. The fusion protein can be radioactively labeled with 32P-r-ATP and
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