Whole Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Kit                                                                                                                                                      Price

Product Description: The Whole Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Kit uses a method that does not involve extensive DNA purification steps and yet
yields clean genomic DNA from whole blood, clinical swabs, white blood cells, and tissue culture cells that can be used for PCR amplification. The
kit is ideally suited for any situation where cells are readily collected by soft abrasion. Clinical samples collected with cotton swabs can be stored in
TE prior to DNA isolation and PCR analysis. The protocol is derived from the method based on digestion of cells with Proteinase K in the presence
of SDS and EDTA (Eur. J. Biochem. 36:32,1973). We have modified and streamlined the method, allowing genomic DNA to be isolated with
minimal steps. Whole blood genomic DNA can be rapidly isolated in 60 min without phenol extraction and column elution steps. The method is
adaptable to automation.

Kit Components:

TE:        200 ml, store at 4°C
DES:      10 ml, store at 4°C (agitate contents by vortexing prior to pipetting)

MSDS: Tris, TW-20, proteinase K, EDTA

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& Clinical Application
Mouse peripheral blood DNA was
purified using the Whole Blood
Genomic DNA Isolation Kit.  PCR
was performed to amplify a cdk1
gene sequence using 1 and 3 ul of
the purified DNA as template. PCR
products were analyzed by 1%
agarose gel.
1 ul             3 ul
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