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Product Description: Albumin is a major circulating protein produced by the liver, accounting for ~60% of total serum proteins and playing
important roles in maintaining physiological pH and osmotic pressure. The normal range is 3.5 to 5.5 g/dL or 35 to 55 mg/ml. The protein also
functions in carrying various hormones, vitamins, metabolites, long-chain fatty acids, bile acids, bilirubin, drugs, magnesium, and calcium. Since
serum albumin is a reliable prognostic indicator for morbidity and mortality, an albumin assay is routinely included in the panels of tests known as
comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP). An abnormally low or high albumin level may reflect a temporary condition that will resolve itself or may
suggest an acute or chronic condition that requires medical intervention. The Serum Albumin Assay Kit is designed to measure albumin directly
without any pretreatment of samples (serum, plasma, and urine). The kit may be used for cuvette or multiwell plate assays. The protocol only
requires 5-minute incubation, following which the intensity of a blue color is measured at 610 nm, which is directly proportional to the albumin
concentration. The assay kit is stable for at least one year under proper storage and handling conditions.

Kit Components:

Albumin Assay Solution:   40 ml, store at room temperature (for 200 wells)
100 mg/ml BSA:                 1 ml, store at -20ºC

MSDS: acetic acid

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