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Product Description: Pyruvate kinase (PK) catalyzes the last step of aerobic glycolysis, converting phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) to pyruvate with
production of one ATP. Liver PK is subject to hormonal and allosteric regulation, which is involved in maintaining blood glucose homeostasis. The
importance of this substrate-level phosphorylation step is underscored by the finding that PK deficiency, one of the most common enzymopathies,
manifests clinically as hemolytic anemia. The clinical severity of PK deficiency varies widely, ranging from a mildly compensated anemia to severe
childhood anemia. In addition, PK isoform switch is known to promote tumorigenesis. The enzyme activity assay kit can measure PK activity
present in serum/plasma and crude cell/tissue extracts. Luciferase-based detection of ATP produced by PK reaction allows fast, sensitive and
quantitative assay of PK activity. Measurement of ATP requires a luminometer or scintillation counter. Kit components are stable for many years if
stored and handled properly.

Kit Components:

PK Reaction Solution- 0.5 ml, store at -80ºC
4 mM EDTA- 10 ml, store at 4ºC
10x Cell Lysis Solution- 25 ml, store at 4ºC
ATP Assay Solution- 10 ml (100 assays), store at -80ºC

MSDS: TX-100, EDTA, luciferin, EDTA, Tris, DTT

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Zhu et al
Upregulation of non-canonical Wnt ligands and oxidative glucose metabolism in NASH induced by methionine-choline deficient diet.
Trends in Cell and Molecular Biology 13:47-56, 2018
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Serum samples from 8-month old normal
and cardiomyopathic hamsters were assayed
by Adenylate Kinase (ADK) and Pyruvate
Kinase (PK) assay kits, showing that the
serum from hamsters with heart failure
exhibit elevated levels of PK, but not ADK.