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Product Description: In metabolism, the compound nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide accepts or donates electrons in redox reactions, forming
the NAD+/NADH pair with a redox potential of -0.32 volts. The NAD+/NADH ratio is an important measurement that reflects both the metabolic
and health states of cells. Key enzymes regulating the NAD+/NADH ratio are those dehydrogenases involved in fuel metabolism (such as lactate
dehydrogenase and pyruvate dehydrogenase) and electron transport chain complexes (such as NADH dehydrogenase). Non-redox roles of
NAD+ have received increasing attention in recent years. For instance, NAD+ is consumed in ADP-ribosylation reactions mediated by
ADP-ribosyltransferase and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase. Sirtuins, a group of NAD-dependent deacetylases, also consume NAD+, and this
enzymatic activity appears to be critically involved in the aging of vertebrates and invertebrates. The NAD+/NADH Assay Kit is based on the
reduction of the tetrazolium salt INT in a NADH-coupled enzymatic reaction to formazan, which is water-soluble and exhibits an absorption
maximum at 492 nm (detection limit ~5 uM). Note that the sample NADH concentration, which is overestimated in the assay, should be used as
reference only. Components of the assay kit are stable for at least one year if stored and handled properly.

Kit Components:

NAD+/NADH Assay Solution: 5 ml; store at -70°C (for 100 wells)
NADH Assay Solution: 5 ml; store at -70°C (for 100 wells)
NADH: 20 mg, store at -70°C (avoid light exposure)
NADH Buffer: 1.5 ml, store at 4°C
PEG Solution: 5 ml, store at 4°C (viscous; pipette solution with a cut tip)

MSDS: DMSO, INT, acetic acid, Tris, PEG

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