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Product Description: Mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase (MDH2) catalyzes the last reaction of the TCA or Krebs cycle, converting malate and
NAD+ to oxaloacetate and NADH in the mitochondria. In reversing the reaction, MDH is also involved in gluconeogenesis, allowing
oxaloacetate/malate to leave the mitochondria. Once in the cytosol, the malate is oxidized back to oxaloacetate by cytosolic MDH or MDH1, which is
followed by conversion of oxaloacetate to phosphoenolpyruvate by phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK). The interconversion between
malate and oxaloacetate also constitutes the essential steps of the malate-aspartate shuttle. MDH exists in most organisms as a homodimeric
molecule with subunits weighing between 30 and 35 kDa. The MDH enzyme activity assay kit can be used to quickly monitor potential changes in
the activity of MDH during various cellular processes and mitochondrial biogenesis. The non-radioactive colorimetric MDH assay is based on the
reduction of the tetrazolium salt INT in a NADH-coupled enzymatic reaction to formazan, which is water-soluble and exhibits an absorption maximum
at 492 nm. The intensity of the red color formed is increased in the presence of increased MDH activity. The kit is stable for at least one year if
handled and stored properly.

Kit Components:

MDH Assay Solution: 5 ml, store at -80°C (100 wells)
10x MDH Substrate: 0.5 ml, store at -80°C
10x Cell Lysis Solution: 25 ml, store at 4ºC

MSDS: TX-100, DMSO, INT, acetic acid, Hepes

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Park et al
Identification of multiple Cryptococcal fungicidal drug targets by combined gene dosing and drug affinity responsive target stability screening
mBIO 7:e01073, 2016
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Hamster tissue extracts were prepared
and assayed by MDH Assay Kit. Enzyme
activities were expressed as units per mg
proteins using a purified MDH as standard.
The study shows that the heart exhibits a
higher MDH enzyme activity than the liver.
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