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Product Description: The Low-Range DNA Marker set includes 8 linear DNA fragments (from 4.5 Kb to 0.1 Kb) ready for agarose or
polyacrylamide gel analysis. The markers are supplied in a stabilized loading solution containing sucrose, bromophenol blue (lower dye), xylene
cyanol (upper dye), and EDTA. These DNA fragments typically migrate as two easily recognizable quadruplets providing a convenient reference.
The upper cluster includes 4 fragments of 4.5, 1.9, 1.2, and 0.8 Kb in sizes. The lower cluster also includes 4 fragments: 0.42, 0.29, 0.21, and
0.1 Kb. Each of the 8 DNA fragments carries 5’-overhangs and therefore can be conveniently radiolabeled by either Klenow (using labeled
dATP) or Polynucleotide Kinase. An additional 60-bp fragment becomes visible when the marker set is overloaded or labeled with an isotope.
The DNA markers set should be kept at 4ºC.

Upper quadruplet:                                Lower quadruplet:  
4.5 Kb                                                  0.42 Kb
1.9 Kb                                                  0.29 Kb
1.2 Kb                                                  0.21 Kb
0.8 Kb                                                  0.10 Kb

Kit Components:

Low-Range DNA Marker Solution: 0.4 ml (200 lanes), store at 4ºC

MSDS: Not applicable

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Lin et al
Role and differential expression of calpastatin mRNA and protein in cultured cardiomyocytes exposed to hypoxic stress
Mol Cell Biochemistry 265:63-70, 2004
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