Beta-Galactosidase (GAL) Assay Kit                                                                                                                                                            Price

Product Description: The bacterial enzyme beta-galactosidase (Gal) is a widely used reporter enzyme, the activity of which can be conveniently
measured spectrophotometrically (J. Med. Chem. 7:574,1964). The beta-Gal assay kit utilizes the spectroscopically active compound
o-nitrophenyl-b-D-galactopyranoside (ONPG) for quantitative measurements of Gal activity in cells (higher eukaryotes, yeast, or bacteria)
transfected or transformed with Gal reporter DNA (see beta-Galactosidase Staining Kit). The enzyme converts ONPG to o-nitrophenol, which
exhibits an extinction coefficient of 4,500 M-1cm-1 at 420 nm. Each assay kit includes 40 ml of optimized ONPG Substrate Solution sufficient for
400 assays in microplate formats. Cell Lysis Solution is compatible with luciferase (see Luciferase Assay Kit) and CAT enzyme assays permitting
flexibility and maximum sensitivity. Substrate is stable for at least one year if handled and stored properly. The method is adaptable to automation.

Kit Components:

ONPG Solution: 40 ml, store in aliquots at -20ºC (for 400 assays)
10x Cell Lysis Solution: 25 ml, store at 4ºC
ONPG Stop: 25 ml, store at 4ºC

MSDS: TX-100, ONPG, sodium bicarbonate, 2-mercaptoethanol, chloroform

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Phenotypic changes of adult porcine mesenchymal stem cells induced by prolonged passaging in culture.
J Cell Physiology 205:194-201, 2005
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Measuring the activities of alkaline (Gal)
in crude cell extracts. Early and late
passage bone marrow mesenchymal
stem cells were solubilized in a lysis
buffer, and cell lysates were mixed with
Alk and Gal assay solutions. The assays
demonstrate differential changes in
enzyme activities associated with adult
stem cell senescence in culture.
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