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Product Description: The High-Range DNA Marker set includes 6 linear DNA fragments (from 22 Kb to 1.1 Kb) ready for routine agarose gel
analysis. The markers are supplied in a stabilized loading buffer containing sucrose, bromophenol blue (lower dye), xylene cyanol (upper dye),
and EDTA. These DNA fragments typically migrate as one distinct upper doublet (22 and 11 Kb) and one middle doublet (4.0 and 2.9 Kb) followed
by a single 1.1-Kb band, which can be easily distinguished and identified. Each of the 5 DNA fragments carries 5’-overhangs and therefore can be
conveniently radiolabeled by either Klenow (using labeled dATP) or Polynucleotide Kinase. The DNA markers set should be kept at 4ºC.

Kit Components:

High-Range DNA Marker Solution: 0.4 ml (200 lanes), store at 4ºC

MSDS: Not applicable

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Lin et al
Role and differential expression of calpastatin mRNA and protein in cultured cardiomyocytes exposed to hypoxic stress
Mol Cell Biochemistry 265:63-70, 2004
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