Hexokinase/Glucokinase (HK/GK) Assay Kit                                                                                                                                                 Price

Product Description: Hexokinase catalyzes the first step of glycolysis, converting glucose to glucose-6-phosphate. There are four mammalian
hexokinase isoforms (I, II, III, and VI) that differ in tissue distribution and catalytic kinetics. Hexokinase I, II, and III exhibit a low Km for glucose
whereas hexokinase IV (glucokinase) has a Km for glucose 100 times higher than that of other hexokinase. The hexokinase assay solution contains
20 mM glucose, and thus measures the total hexokinase activity of crude cell or tissue extracts. This non-radioactive colorimetric assay is based on
the reduction of the tetrazolium salt INT in a NADH-coupled enzymatic reaction. The INT reaction product is water-soluble and exhibits an absorption
maximum at 492 nm. The intensity of the red color formed is increased in the presence of increased hexokinase activity. The enzyme assay solution
should be kept at -80ºC for long-term storage (more than 1 month), and will remain stable indefinitely at -80ºC.

Kit Components:

Hexokinase Assay Solution: 5 ml, store at -70ºC
HK Substrate Solution: 0.25 ml, store at 4ºC
10x Cell Lysis Solution: 25 ml, store at 4ºC

MSDS: TX-100, DMSO, INT, acetic acid, Hepes

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Gershon et al
Hexokinase-2-mediated aerobic glycolysis is integral to cerebellar neurogenesis and pathogenesis of medulloblastoma.
Cancer & Metabolism 1:2, 2013

Martin et al
Androgen deprivation leads to increased carbohydrate metabolism and hexokinase 2-mediated survival in Pten/Tp53-deficient prostate cancer
Oncogene 36:525, 2017
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Protein extracts prepared from bone marrow
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Hexokinase Assay Kit. Enzyme activities
were expressed as units per mg proteins
using a purified HK as standard. The study
shows that hexokinase activity is increased
upon repeated passages of MSC in vitro.
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