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Product Description: Glucose, being a major energy source in most eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms, is subject to tight metabolic
regulation. In humans, glucose homeostasis under different metabolic circumstances is of vital importance, and insulin regulates the concentration
of glucose in the blood such that its concentration normally falls within the 3.5-8 mM range. Abnormal circulating levels of glucose are associated
with several pathologic states such as diabetes and obesity. Aerobic and anaerobic glucose metabolic pathways convert glucose to acetyl-CoA
and lactic acid, respectively, which are differentially adopted by different tissues. Cell culture media typically contain high levels of glucose (5-25
mM), which promotes lactic acid formation and secretion in culture. The Glucose Assay Kit is based on sequential hexokinase and glucose-6-
phosphate dehydrogenase reactions in a NADP+-coupled oxidation-reduction, which generates formazan exhibiting an absorption maximum at
492 nm. The Glucose Assay kit can be used to measure the concentrations of extracellular and intracellular glucose with a linear detection range
of 0.02 – 0.2 mM. Sample pretreatment with TCA or PCA is not required. The assay solution is stable for at least one year.

Kit Components:

Glucose Assay Solution:       10 ml; store at -20°C or -80°C
1 M Glucose Standard:         0.1 ml; store at 4°C

MSDS: DMSO, INT, acetic acid, Hepes

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Lin et al.
sFRP2 activates Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in cardiac fibroblasts: differential roles in cell growth, energy metabolism, and extracellular matrix
Am J. Physiol. 311:C710-C719, 2016
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Normal hamster (F1B strain) and
cardiomyopathic hamster (TO2 strain)
plasma samples were assayed by
Glucose Assay Kit. The study shows that
circulatory glucose levels increase 43%
from 1 month of age to 4 months of age
in both hamster strains.
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