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Product Description: The genomic DNA Isolation Kit is designed to simplify the isolation of animal and viral genomes from cultured cells or
tissues. Genomic DNA isolated with the kit is suitable for Southern analysis, library construction, PCR analysis, and DNA cloning. This method,
which is originally based on digestion of cells with proteinase K in the presence of SDS and EDTA followed by phenol extraction (Eur. J. Biochem.
36:32,1973), yields DNA whose size is usually 100 – 150 Kb. We have modified and streamlined the method, allowing high-purity genomic DNA to
be isolated with minimal steps. Each kit is sufficient for 200 – 500 sample extractions. Reagents are stable for at least one year if handled and
stored properly.

Kit Components:

DNA Extraction Solution-1 (DES-1): 50 ml, store at 4°C
DNA Extraction Solution-2 (DES-2): 0.5 ml, store at 4°C
DNA Phenol: 50 ml, store at 4°C

MSDS: EDTA, SDS, phenol, proteinase K, sodium acetate, chloroform, RNase A, NP-40, ethanol, isopropanol

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Mampuru et al
Analysis of events associated with serum deprivation-induced apoptosis in C3H/Sol8 muscle satellite cells
Exp Cell Res 226:372-380, 1996
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DNA was isolated from each time point
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Isolated DNA was fractionated by 0.8%
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DNA fragmentation induced by
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