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Product Description: D-lactate accumulation in body fluids indicates bacterial infection or metabolic abnormality, and detection of D-lactate is
therefore of clinical value. Unlike L-lactate, which is present at mM levels in the circulation, D-lactate is usually too low to be detected in healthy
subjects. The D-Lactate Assay Kit is based on the reduction of the tetrazolium salt INT in a NADH-coupled enzymatic reaction to formazan, which
exhibits an absorption maximum at 492 nm. The D-Lactate Assay kit can measure the concentration of D-lactate present in serum or plasma with
a detection limit of 1-5 uM. Samples need  to be deproteinized prior to assay. The assay solution is stable for at least one year if stored properly.
Keep solutions at -80ºC for long term storage (more than 1 month).

Kit Components:

D-Lactate Assay Solution:         10 ml; store at -80°C
1 mM D-Lactate Standard:         0.5 ml; store at -20°C
50% PEG-8000 Solution:           5 ml; store at 4°C

MSDS: DMSO, INT, acetic acid, Tris, PEG

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