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Product Description: Alcian blue, a group of polyvalent basic dyes that are water soluble, stains acid mucosubstances (sulfated and
carboxylated mucopolysaccharides) and sialomucins (glycoproteins), both of which are cartilaginous elements. Since the synthesis of these
extracellular macromolecules is increased during chondrogensis, staining with Alcian blue is a fast and easy method to identify cells undergoing
chondrogenesis. Cell-bound Alcian blue can be extracted with an organic solvent after staining and washing, which then allows one to assay
chondrogenesis quantitatively by spectroscopy. The assay can be set up in a microplate format.

Kit Components:

Alcian Blue Solution-100 ml, store at room temperature

MSDS: Alcian blue, acetic acid

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Williams et al
A Comparison of Human Smooth Muscle and Mesenchymal Stem Cells as Potential Cell Sources for Tissue-Engineered Vascular Patches
Tissue Engineering 18:986-998,2012
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