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Product Description: The detergent compatible Protein Assay Kit combines two famous reactions- the Biuret reaction and the Smith reaction.
The Biuret reaction depicts the reduction of cupric ion (Cu2+) to cuprous ion (Cu1+) by protein in an alkaline solution. The intensity of the
reaction is proportional to the number of peptide bonds (at least 2 peptide bonds) and therefore to the number of protein molecules present in
the sample solution. The Smith reaction depicts the chelation of each Cu1+ ion by two molecules of bicinchoninic acid (BCA), resulting in an
intense purple-colored product that absorbs light at 562 nm (Anal. Biochem. 150: 76–85, 1985), which can be measured with a standard
laboratory spectrophotometer or microplate reader. Unlike the dye-based protein assay system, the BCA-based protein assay system is
compatible with detergent-containing protein samples. However, the BCA assay is incompatible with most divalent ions. Prepare fresh working
solution by mixing 50 parts of BCA Solution with 1 part of Copper Solution (50:1). The Protein Assay System has a broad working range of 20 -
2000 ug/ml proteins. The assay kit also includes 1 ml of 100 mg/ml sterilized BSA dissolved in distilled water to be diluted for use as protein
standard. The assay kit is stable for at least one year under proper storage and handling conditions.

Kit Components:

BCA Solution: 200 ml, store at room temperature
Copper Solution: 5 ml, store at room temperature
100 mg/ml Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA): 1 ml, store at -20ºC

MSDS: NaOH, BCA, Potassium sodium tartrate, Cupric sulfate

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Martin et al
Tissue-nonspecific alkaline phosphatase as a target of sFRP2 in cardiac fibroblasts
Am J Physiol Cell Physiol, 309:C139, 2015
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The Protein Assay System has a linear working range of 20
- 2000 ug/ml proteins. The assay is compatible with
detergents. Use the
Protein Assay Kit 595 nm System for
samples containing reducing agents (DTT), divalent ions,
and chelating agent (EDTA).
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