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Product Description: Adipogenesis is associated with upregulation of many adipocyte-specific genes, culminating in the synthesis of fatty acids
which are stored in the cytosol as triacylglycerols. These lipid molecules are water insoluble and coalesce to form fat globules visible to the naked
eyes. The Oil Red dye is hydrophobic displaying a distinct deep red color. This dye is commonly used in staining protocols to demonstrate the
presence of intracellular lipids and lipid-bound proteins. Since the synthesis of lipids is increased during adipogenesis, staining with Oil Red is a fast
and easy method to identify cells undergoing adipogenesis. The lipid-bound Oil Red is readily identifiable by microscopy, and can be extracted with
an organic solvent after staining and washing, which then allows one to assay adipogenesis quantitatively by spectroscopy. The assay can be set
up in a microplate format.

Kit Components:
Oil Red Solution-100 ml, store at room temperature

MSDS: Oil Red, Isopropanol, DMSO

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Phenotypic changes of adult porcine mesenchymal stem cells induced by prolonged passaging in culture.
J Cell Physiology 205:194-201, 2005
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Oil Red staining of cultured adipocytes.
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